Molly’s Spirits Introduces Private Label Sparkling Rosé

After four years of collaborating with Colorado distilleries and breweries on dozens of products, Molly’s Spirits is releasing its first private label offering: a canned sparkling wine.  

“Similar to the trend of canning beer, we’ve seen huge growth in the canned wine industry as people are looking for portable options to fit the active, on-the-go Colorado lifestyle,” said Shannon Berner, director of marketing Molly’s Spirits. “Rosé is our fastest-growing category, so we crafted a top-of-the-line product that will only be available at Molly’s Spirits and at Molly’s Spirits sponsored events.” 

Molly’s Rosé Bubbles is crafted in Oregon and boasts aromas of fresh strawberries, candied ginger and rose petals with flavors of raspberry, papaya and honeydew. 

Molly’s Rosé Bubbles 375-ml cans is available now for $5.98 each –  with two cans equating to one traditional 750-ml bottle of wine. Molly’s Spirits is known for its collaborations that are sold in-store, including Better Together with New Image Brewing, Russian Imperial Stout with Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project, and its Whiskey Barrel-Aged Gin with Deviation Distilling.

“By listening to our customers’ desires, honing in on data, staffing a team of product specialists and collaborating with dozens of Colorado institutions as well as up-and-coming artisans, we have our finger on the pulse of wine, spirits and beer trends. All signs have pointed to a demand for a high-quality, sparkling canned wine,” said Berner. “We work hard to give our customers options that they can’t find anywhere else, and when we put our name on something, our customers trust that they are getting a high-quality product that we really think they will like. Offering Molly’s Private Label releases is one of the many ways we will continue to differentiate ourselves as industry leaders.” 

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