Collaboration Beer Fest 2018: The Pour List

DENVER - March 7, 2018 - The 5th annual Collaboration Beer Fest will kick off Colorado Craft Beer Week on Saturday, March 31st at the Hyatt Regency Denver (650 15th St, Denver, CO 80202). This year’s festival features 123 projects from more than 200 breweries with 144 Colorado breweries, 42 states and six countries. 

“A few years ago Food & Wine called Collaboration Fest, ‘America’s Most Creative Beer Festival’ and that is something we want to build on each year,” said Tobias Krause, events manager at Two Parts. “We want people to leave this year’s festival thinking it was the best drinking experience of their life.” 

This year the creativity is unparalleled with new beer styles emerging, old styles revisited, and unique ingredients making their first appearance in a brew. Ska Brewing Company and Ratio Beerworks have created a Norwegian White IPA using a Nordic Farmhouse yeast strain to create a beer that’s a twist on a White IPA. Upslope Brewing and Santa Fe Brewing used all Colorado and New Mexico ingredients in their collaboration including huitlacoche, a plant fungus that grows on ears of corn. Wibby Brewing and several members of Colorado’s local media recently brewed a steinbier, an ale brewed with 600 degree granite that originates from 20th century Europe. 

“One of the coolest aspects of this festival is the brew day and being able to see first hand the comradery between brewers,” said Steve Kurowski of the Colorado Brewers Guild. “These men and women find so much inspiration and motivation when ideas are shared. It’s contagious.” 

To learn more about each individual project, you can view the pour list here

Photos: Photos from last year’s festival can be downloaded at  Photo credit courtesy of Dustin Hall with The Brewtography Project. Photos from brew days for this year’s festival can be downloaded at Photo credit is listed in folder title. 

Video: A video recap of last year’s festival can be found here: 

Festival Media Access: To apply for media credentials, please visit The deadline to apply is Friday, March 9, 2018. 

About Collaboration Fest: 

Collaboration Fest is the original craft beer collaboration festival that showcases the collaborative nature of the craft beer industry. Created by Two Parts and the Colorado Brewers Guild in 2014, Collaboration Fest pairs Colorado Brewers Guild members with breweries near and far to create unique, one-time-only beers for the public to enjoy. The Colorado Brewers Guild is a non-profit trade association representing Colorado craft breweries and brewpubs, and is dedicated to the improvement of business conditions and is an advocate for its members. Two Parts is a Denver-based event production and promotions company that coordinates with the best restaurants, bars, music venues, and other fine establishments to create craft experiences. More information can be found at