Seedstock Brewery Releases Two New Czech-Style Lagers and Farmhouse Saison

DENVER – Oct. 18, 2018 – With the arrival of fall in Denver comes three new beers from Denver-based Seedstock Brewery that inspire drinkers to cozy up and embrace colder season flavors. Seedstock’s Bohemian Dunkel and Old Prague will be released Oct. 26, while Farmhouse Saison will be released Oct. 22.

Seedstock’s Bohemian Dunkel is a Czech-style dark lager, inspired by the Bohemian Dunkel at Prague's U Fleku brew pub. This dark lager at 5.5-percent ABV has a great mouth feel, finishing crisp and clean. Old Prague is a Czech-style beer that was popular in Prague in the early 1800s. It's a pre-lager beer light in color with a full body and smooth mouthfeel at 6.6-percent ABV. Old Prague has an earthy bitterness that results from a generous amount of Czech Saaz hops.

Seedstock's Farmhouse Saison is rich with apricot and floral aromas with tinges of pepper spiciness. The 7.8-percent ABV beer has a dry, crisp and refreshing finish.

“We’re always working to expose people to old-world recipes that aren’t nearly as prevalent as they used to be, which is a shame” said Seedstock Owner Ron Abbott. “We want to ensure Czech-style lagers and farmhouse saison recipes continue to be players in the craft beer industry.”

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About Seedstock Brewery

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