Call to Arms Brewing Releases Really Really Ridiculously Good Tasting on November 1

DENVER - Oct. 15, 2018 - Call to Arms Brewing Company will tap and release Really Really Ridiculously Good Tasting, a farmhouse ale aged in Chardonnay barrels with Brett Claussennii, on November 1 at 3 p.m. in their taproom (4526 Tennyson St, Denver, Colorado 80212). With naming inspired by the movie Zoolander, Really Really Ridiculously Good Tasting is a well-rounded beer with notes of cantaloupe, white grape, lemon zest and a smooth vanilla finish

Bottle conditioning, a method that stems from the 1700s, is the process of naturally carbonating beer through the re-fermentation of sugars after bottling. Sugar is added to the finished beer before packaging, allowing for the yeast to consume the sugar and create carbonation.

“It’s a blend of old school tradition with our modern day-to-day brewing techniques,” said Chris Bell of Call to Arms. “You’re adding 100 percent fermentable sugar to a beverage that is going to condition warm. If there is anything else in the bottle it will also grow, so you have to be extremely careful and intentional throughout the process.”

At 7.2 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), Really Really Ridiculously Good Tasting begins with primary fermentation using a traditional French Saison yeast, followed by an addition of Brett Claussennii to produce a slight barnyard funk. The beer is then packaged with champagne yeast and bottle conditioned, which results in a farmhouse ale reminiscent of a delicate Sauvignon Blanc aged in oak.

This limited quantity sour will be available in 375 ml bottles and on draft at the brewery starting on Nov. 1. Only 200 bottles will be released with a purchasing limit of two bottles per person. Bottles will retail for $11.

“The wild yeast and other bugs in this bottle will produce complex flavors throughout the bottle conditioning process,” said Bell. “We’re extremely proud of this beer.”

About Call to Arms Brewing
Founded in 2015, Call to Arms Brewing Company is located in the Berkeley neighborhood of northwest Denver, Colorado. Blending tradition with innovation, the brewery is a gathering place passionately committed to quality, community, and camaraderie. For more information visit