5 Places to Post Your Press Release for Free

Distributing a press release can be timely and expensive. If you have the budget and lack the time services like Business Wire and PR Newswire are great services to help get your release in front of as many people as possible. Many start ups and younger businesses often lack the budget for these services, but no need to worry, there are some great free options as well. Here are our top websites for press release distribution.

  1. Your own personal website. Before you post anywhere else on the Internet. Post your press release to your company’s website.

  2. Brewbound. This site is great for any beer based companies.

  3. BevNet. If you are a beverage company, you want to make sure all of your press releases are submitted here.

  4. PR Log. This site is an oldie but a goodie and will help with SEO.

  5. PR.com. Really simple to use.

All of these sites have paid upgrades. The main reason I recommend posting to these sites are to help with your SEO. The more inbound links you can have to your website, the better your search results will be.

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