How to Promote Your GABF Events

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF)  is less than a month away, and that means breweries around the country are gearing up to head to Denver, drink some beers, and throw some epic parties. For breweries that are hosting events outside of the convention center, how do you break through all of the clutter and make sure your events are seen?


Put your event on your website

This is the most important place to advertise event. Your website is your online calling card. Create a page on your site  with all of the important event details such as date, time, location, and where to buy tickets. Every little detail matters! This is the place you will be linking to in the next steps below, so the more information the better. If your event is ticketed, make sure there is a call-to-action button (such as purchase now, buy tickets, etc)! Do not start promoting your event until you have completed this step.

Use images! Photos and flyers are great tools to promote your events. If you are hosting a first year event, invest in creating a killer flyer. In today’s visual world, photos and graphics can help make your event stand out!


Create a Facebook event


Facebook should be the first place you post your event. It is the ideal place to create word-of-mouth marketing for your event. Sprout Social has a great list of ways to use Facebook Events to promote your brand. Their first recommendation—create a fun and attention grabbing name. Make sure that you allow people to post on the event wall. This way they can tag their friends and really create the buzz. Check out all their tips here.

Here’s where those photos will come in handy! Post photos leading up to the event to continue to build moment and interest.



Submit event to local event calendars


The majority of Denver’s local media outlets have a calendar section where users can submit events free of charge. Take the copy you used for Facebook and paste it into these event calendars. Make sure to visit as they are putting together a massive GABF event calendar.


Send out a media advisory to local media


If you want media coverage of your event, you need to do more than just post the information to Facebook and event calendars, you need to deliver that information to the media’s inbox. A media advisory includes more specific event information such as “when, where, and what.” Here is an example showcasing the formatting for a media advisory.

For tips on writing a media advisory check out our ebook. Need help promoting your GABF events? Reach out to us and let’s chat!