Lexa PR Celebrates International Women's Day

Since it’s International Women’s Day, we find ourselves reflecting on the many women who have inspired us, and realize that we would not be who we are today without their influence. From industry trailblazers to family members (hey mom), here are the amazing ladies that have made an imprint on our lives.

Chea's Picks

You know sh*t's getting real when Mom gives you THE LOOK.

You know sh*t's getting real when Mom gives you THE LOOK.

Growing up in a female dominated household, it’s not surprising that it’s the women in my life who have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. My mom, Shirley, is my best friend—a guiding pillar who has taught me the value of hard work and determination. Woven in throughout my life there have been lessons such as: love yourself, be kind to yourself, and trust yourself from the likes of quirky aunts, compassionate girlfriends, fun-loving sister-in-laws and beyond. These strong and resilient women make up my tribe. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Sorry David, you weren't my first proposal.

Sorry David, you weren't my first proposal.


Soul mates. We often attribute the idea of soul mates as a romantic thing. In my case, my soul mate or should I say soul friend, is my dearest friend Anastasia. Our history, which dates back to middle school, has been an effortless stream of adoration and support.  From endless notes passed back and forth to life-giving conversations, our friendship gives me the strength to be bold and daring—because I know she has my back. I’m proud to be her daughter’s godmother and incredibly humbled by the strength of our friendship.

Before, I became a PR girl, before the stints working in advertising, I wanted to be a journalist. As a young girl, I watched Ann Curry report on Baghdad, Darfar, and Rwanda and cover the Southeast Asian tsunami. She brought an element of humanity to hard news—and she was biracial. I remember watching this incredible woman and thinking hey she looks like me. Maybe I can do this.  Pretty rad.

Alex's Picks

My grandmother Irma and my sister have always been two women that inspired me. My grandmother was an incredible women. She worked her buns off and always put others before herself. She taught us to follow our passions, work hard, and always to take time and dance and maybe have a glass of champagne. While she was alive, she was always my biggest cheerleader.


My sister Kristin has inspired me every day since she was born which is a day I still remember vividly. She is someone I could not imagine my life without and she has shown me how to love and build a life filled with love. She is an amazing wife, mother and business owner. She is my example of balance and what it means to make your personal and professional dreams come true.


I am also inspired by my colleagues Chea and Cortney. These two amazing ladies have been by my side in watching my professional dreams become a reality. (Chea: awww thanks Alex)


Gloria Steinem is one famous person I would love to have lunch with. She kicks ass and whenever I read her books, I want to go out and make the world a better place.

Currently I am obsessed with Jaclyn Johnson, the woman behind Create + Cultivate. I listened to the Keynotes via the Internet from their last conference and I was blown away. I just love how the conference shows female business owners that it is better if we all work together and support one another, than view each other as competition. I just want to go to all their conferences and soak up the energy.

Thanks for tuning in! What women inspire you?


Alex + Chea