Our Favorite Podcasts

As busy professionals, every moment of our lives is filled with action. We fill up our days with meetings, workouts, and social obligations; it’s no wonder that one can easily feel depleted or uninspired by the end of the day. That’s why listening to podcasts are such a great idea—you to get unplug and learn from people smarter than yourself. Often times host have influencers and thought leaders who have been there and done that. Their experiences can provide moments of self-reflection, helping to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes or at least not too often.

Podcasts are also inspiring. Maybe one of the ideas shared will help you hone in on your business objectives or give you the courage to try something new and thus embark on a new journey.Listen and be open to new ideas and experiences.

Personally, we probably subscribe to too many podcasts, but I want to be a sponge and absorb all the learnings from those that inspire me.

So what are we currently listening to? Here’s the rundown!

Beer and Food

Listening to Good Beer Hunting and After Two Beers is liking sitting in a room with your drinking buddies, and throwing back a beer or two. Guests include beer legends and upcoming breweries that will one day become legends.

One delicious word after the other, the Bon Appetit Podcast is like having the magazine read out loud to you, but with lots of comments from the peanut gallery. I always end up hungry at the end.


The Tim Ferris Show and The School of Greatness are both great shows to listen to if you looking for business advice and inspired. The guests on these shows are amazing.

So Money is great not just for business financial advice, but personal as well. I’ve learned so much about the financial industry, account types and other things that normally just make my head hurt.

Being Boss is all about the ladies starting up creative businesses. Topics range from launching your business to hiring employees. There is so much knowledge here. Do not listen without a notebook.

The Forbes Interview is a podcast that will truly get those big dream wheels turning. The tagline for the show is interviews with people who are on the cover of Forbes or should be.

For everything else

The Lady Gang is our guilty pleasure podcast. These three amazing ladies allow my mind to take a timeout and pretend that I am at brunch with my lady friends.Sometimes, you just need to have fun and pretend that you are a Hollywood insiders and that your life is shiny and fancy and you have a million Instagram followers.

The Balanced Blonde is our centering podcasts. There is so much goodness for your soul here.

The Moth is a radio show that celebrates the art of storytelling. Every show has a theme and each one is unscripted. Those that take the Moth stage are people just like you and me, sharing stories of hope, sorrow, and overcoming the many obstacles in life.

Need some good feels or perhaps a good cry? The Modern Love podcast stems from the popular New York Times column. Essays selected for the podcast are read by notable personalities and celebrities. Plus "love" is our word of the year, so we love, listening about it! 

Go out there and subscribe today! And if you are managing your brand’s PR, do not leave podcast hosts off your media list. Podcasts are a great place to showcase the people behind your brands and share all the awesome things you are doing.