Picnic Season Must-Haves

Eating indoors is so last season. This summer pack up the crew and head outdoors for a meal. We are super lucky to work with some amazing clients that make enjoying a meal in the sunshine the best thing ever!

Here are our top client picks for when you dine outside this summer:

Great Divide Brewing Company’s Roadie Radler

Roadie is our go-to beer of the summer. This radler is light and refreshing with just a touch of tartness from the grapefruit. It is the perfect beer to drink all day long out in the sunshine. Plus it pairs well so many summer dishes like guacamole and chips, burgers, ice cream and more!

The Real Dill’s Jalapeno Honey Dills

You cannot go wrong with any of The Real Dill’s pickles, but these babies pack the perfect amount of heat and sweetness for your picnicking adventures. They are the perfect companion for everything grilled, dressed, or seasoned.

Molly’s Spirits Rosé Recommendations

Summer has become rosé season and we agree, or maybe it is just that we enjoy pink drinks during these hot months. Back to rosé. Rosé is a perfect pairing for a meal and watching the sunset. It pairs great with shellfish, cured meat, all kinds of cheese, greens and more. Check out this blog post for more information on which rosé to bring along.

The Passport Program

While not exactly something to bring on a picnic, The Passport Program is a great way to drink outside this summer. So many of the venues have killer patios or outdoor spaces and cool drinks. We suggest bringing it along on your picnic because you never now if you’ll make a stop or two along the way!

Enjoy dining outside!