Social Media Updates Week of December 9 – 13

It’s been a busy week in the world of social media. In case you have missed all the new updates here is a quick roundup on what’s changed this week.

You can now share photos and videos privately. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Direct will allow you to share photos and videos directly with up to 15 friends. You can then discuss each video or photo in a comment section. However, unlike Snapchat the photos will not disappear after a few seconds. More details on this update here.

Yesterday Twitter launched a broad match for keywords. If you advertise on Twitter this is for you! The new feature will include targeting keywords for misspelling and related terms. For example if you were to tweet about loving coffee. It would pick up “coffee,” “love,” “luv,” “adore” and latte. More details about this update here.

Twitter also made a second update this week. The block button become more like a mute button. After several hours and numerous complaints, Twitter change the block feature back to the way it was before. So yeah. More details on this change here.

Your news feed got a little update this week. The goal, to highlight a higher-quality of content. For the average person, this does not mean much, but to businesses this could cause a decrease in your visibility. According to one report from Ignite Social Media, organic reach and organic reach percentage has declined by 44 percent since December 1. More details about the update here.

With the iOS7 update, you can no longer check in privately. According to one Foursquare insider, the company is encouraging individuals to still use Foursquare to get out and explore without checking in. To me that just sounds silly! Find out more about who is going to see your check-ins here.

Can’t wait to see what is updated next week!