Practicing Self-Care So You Can Bring Your A Game to Work

When it comes to public relations, you have to be on your game at all times. We are in a constant state of communication; when we’re not announcing new releases, product launches and events, we’re following up to make sure that journalists have all of the information that they need. When we’re not following up, we’re pitching potential story ideas, and participating in social listening to find areas of opportunity. At Lexa PR, we believe in practicing self-care in order to bring your best self to work. Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you’re bringing your A game to work.

  1. Set your intention for the day: Rather than waking up and going through your morning routine in a zombified state, practice setting your intention for the day during this process. Being clear on how you desire to feel can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to decision-making throughout the day.

  2. Set start and end times for when you check your e-mail: Let’s face it, in the world of PR, we don’t have standard 9 to 5 hours. Unless you’re in the business of breaking news though, make sure you’re setting aside time to unplug. Try not to check emails as soon as you wake up. Designate a time at the end of the day, i.e. hard stop, of when you truly will stop working.

  3. Take five minutes to jot down priorities for the next day: You would be amazed at how tasks and priorities can get jumbled up throughout the week. Taking a bit of time at the end of the day to re-prioritize focus areas will do wonders for helping you stay organized and prepared for the next day.

  4. Do something active to break up your day: We’ve all hit mental fatigue before and it’s not pretty. Plus, sitting at your desk for hours upon hours can strain your eyes, give you neck pain, and cause burn out. Carve out a little bit of time to go for a walk, do a lunchtime workout, or even meditate. The break will help with productivity.

  5. Rest and repeat: Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep so that you can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to take charg

Media Advisory: Coffee and Brunch Lovers Rejoice! The Fourth Annual Grand Coffee Bazaar is Better Than Ever Before

Media Advisory: Coffee and Brunch Lovers Rejoice! The Fourth Annual Grand Coffee Bazaar is Better Than Ever Before

The fourth annual Grand Coffee Bazaar is a curated coffee event and festival designed to educate, inspire, and awaken coffee lovers and brunch enthusiasts alike. The event will feature more than ten local craft coffee roasters’ pouring their finest brews, brunch cocktails and bites, and breakfast-inspired beers. This year, the Grand Coffee Bazaar will be taking over the outside grounds of Oz Architecture with the new addition of a housewares market to further explore the idea of the modern bazaar.

Press Release: Two Parts and Mile High Festivals Present Truck Stop, a Community Food Truck Rally

On Saturday, September 30th from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., dozens of food trucks will line Welton Street from Park Avenue to Downing Street for Truck Stop, a rally featuring Colorado’s fleet of amazing food trucks. This rally will explore the ever-evolving world of food truck fare through small-bite offerings, local craft beer and cocktails, and a soundtrack of live soul and funk tunes.

For the food truck festival’s inaugural debut, Two Parts has joined forces with Mile High Festivals. Two Parts and Mile High Festivals teamed up due to their mutual passion for the city of Denver. When deciding on where to host an event, the two companies knew they wanted to host a food event in Five Points due to its rich history of culture and current growth.

“Mile High Festivals has thrown some remarkable events in Five Points and they share the same collaborative mindset that this community event needs to be truly special and not just another food event,” said Casey Berry, co-founder of Two Parts. “Whether you’ve lived in Five Points your whole life or just moved into the neighborhood, we think the Food Truck Rally will help showcase the vibrant history of Five Points and also bring the community together to have a great time.”

Participating food trucks feature a wide variety of fares from BBQ to pizza , ice cream to tacos, and more. The current trucks include Ba-nom-a-nom, Baba’s Falafel, Barbed Wire Reef, Chibby Wibbitz, Dude Bro Taco, Farm to Truck, Happy Cones, OG Burger, Park Burger, Rocky Mountain Slices, Spud Nation, Sunshine Bowls, Aiko-Pops, Amore Pizza, Pavy’s, Big G’s BBQ, Martin Rib Emporium, Cibeche Colorado, Blazing Chicken Shack, Tilford’s Wood Fired Pizza, Taj Palace, and Lena B Bar-B-Que with many more to be announced closer to the festival date.

The rally will include live local soul music from headliner Lee Fields & The Expressions to complement the food and drink all day long. Fields and his band of brass, drums, keys, and strings players has been making soul and funk anthems since 1969. Fields has toured the world with musical legends like Kool and the Gang, Sammy Gordon and the Hip-Huggers, O.V Wright, Darrell Banks, and Little Royal. The group prides itself on not being just a throwback, but instead remaining prolific over the decades and still producing heartfelt and soulful music to this day.

“Food trucks are community and culture builders,” said Norm Harris of Mile High Festivals. “The food trucks participating in Truck Stop will bring people together and open their palates to new flavors and experiences in one of Denver’s most cultural and historic neighborhoods.”

Truck Stop is a family-friendly event and has multiple ticket options. Entry at the door will be $5. RSVP prior and receive free entry and a free craft beer or cocktail. For $20 guests can purchase “Snack Packs” online and receive $30 worth of food and drink. Additional details and to RSVP visit

About Two Parts
Two Parts is a Denver-based event production and promotions company that coordinates with the best restaurants, bars, music venues, and other fine establishments to create craft experiences. Two Parts produces experiences such as the Collaboration Fest, Denver Beer Festivus, The Big Eat, and The Passport Program. For more information visit

About Mile High Festivals
Mile High Festivals facilitates large scale, outdoor events and offers festival/event management solutions. Our current portfolio includes the Five Points Jazz Festival, Juneteenth Music Festival, 5 Points Brew & BBQ and The Gathering. For more information visit

Press Release: Colorado Brewers Guild’s Hop the Vote Comes Back for GABF

Press Release: Colorado Brewers Guild’s Hop the Vote Comes Back for GABF

The Colorado Brewers Guild is bringing back Hop the Vote, a spirited but friendly competition between the Colorado State House of Representatives and Colorado State Senate, to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Hop the Vote is a time for Colorado legislators to set aside their differences and brew some beer.

Lexa PR’s Favorite Summer Reads

Summer is almost over, so we wanted to share with you what we’ve been reading all summer. Whether it’s a nail-biting page turner or stories of inspiration, we think these picks will enhance your next night in.

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
Writer, political activist, feminist, and all around badass, Gloria Steinem shares her life on the road in this poignant, funny and deeply moving memoir. From her time spent in India, to the founding of Ms. magazine, My Life on the Road is a must-read for those seeking to be inspired.

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney
Anyone that loves NYC (cough, Chea) will be enamoured with this novel. It reads like a love letter to the city, following an 85-year-old woman on the last day of 1984 as she reflects on her life as a successful ad women and mother (the character is loosely based on real life ad women and author Margaret Fishback). If you’re looking to be swept away in the city, look no further than Lillian Boxfish.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
“Are you happy with your life?” These are the last words that protagonist Jason Dessen hears before he is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he realizes that his life, home, family, even he himself, might not be real. You’ll be rooting for Jason all along but wondering if you’re being duped. Enjoy this book if it is your intention to finish it in a matter of days.

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham
No one can better craft the art of fast-speaking dialogue like actress Lauren Graham. In this heart-warming memoir, Graham reveals stories of live and live while working in Hollywood. Plus, she even reflects on her time on the Gilmore Girls set. Read this book if you’re wanting to relive some Gilmore moments.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
When you need to escape the reality of your day-to-day, this book is fabulous. Not only will you feel transported back in time, but you will begin to see the magic in the world around you. This book gives you hope that anything is possible. “There are tents, I am certain, that I have not discovered in my many visits to the circus. Though I have seen a great deal of the sights, traveled a number of available paths, there are always corners that remain unexplored, doors that remain unopened.”

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
This book transforms the way you look at accounting for your business. When it comes to personal finances we are told over and over again by the experts to pay ourselves first. This book applies that ideology to business. Accounting can be the vain for many business, but this book is not by the book accounting, it gives money management an entire new positive perspective.

Run Fast. Eat Slow. by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky
This cookbook is terrific and filled with nourishing mind and body recipes. You will want to read the book cover to cover, and then head directly to the supermarket. The Double Chocolate Teff Cookies on page 187 will hit your sweets spot and the Wild Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes on page 142 will give you all the energy to get through a busy afternoon.